Welcome to our Wonderland!

Talia's Jewels was born from a family wholesale fine jewelry company in New York City. Talia grew up in a world of luxury fine jewelry. She was always surrounded by her  father’s impeccable one of a kind pieces, which have naturally become her greatest source of inspiration.Her father is an esteemed jeweler and has inspired and taught Talia everything she knows today. 

Growing up surrounded by the most unique and exquisite luxury jewelry, Talia has followed her family footsteps and developed a natural eye for selecting the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones.

Our vision was to compile our favorite designs of the moment, merged with classic styles that were and will always be timeless and beautiful. And to be that one go-to place for all things jewelry, the one-stop-shop for bridal, fashion, and classical pieces to enhance your beauty and your style. 

It all started when Talia got engaged; she finally understood that powerful feeling girls get when they have that sparkly, perfect rock in front of them. That was the first step taken towards emerging ourselves in this magical world of fine jewelry. It made us realize that jewelry was not a simple necklace or ring; it became our passion, and the unique feeling of that perfect new piece, our inspiration. Talia felt the need to introduce this wholesale jewelry company to the retail world- with UNBEATABLE prices.

We are here to redefine fine jewelry and the male dominated jewelry district. Talia always hated the aggressive salesman in jewelry stores trying to push their overly priced jewelry on customers. She decided to make this a seamless experience for girls to create their luxury pieces and enjoy their shopping experience! With handpicked diamonds from her father's wholesale diamond jewelry company, Talia has access to give her clients wholesale, rockbottom prices. Straight from the source, into your hands. Without the price markup. Dream it, customize it, and make it your reality. 

Each piece curated by Talia is intended to be delicate and sophisticated, with its own punch of personality. Her modern twists on classic designs translate into beautiful and wearable everyday fashion jewelry that can be stacked and layered by the wearer to create unique combinations. 

Our passion is working with clients on a one-on-one basis to design their perfect pieces from scratch, and sharing the design process every step of the way. We hope that our website and our world will allow you to find that piece of sparkle that you've always been looking for, and make it extra special.

We work tirelessly in making each piece a client designs, an event. Full of joy, emotions, and especially personality. We’re your personal jewelry concierge ready to customize your pieces in any budget you may have.We love making pieces that speak to you, by you!