Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Talia's Jewels ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do! Items in your order that are designated for shipment to countries outside of the U.S. may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country ("Import Fees"). The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees.

With respect to each item for which Import Fees have been calculated, you authorize Talia's Jewels to designate a carrier ("Designated Carrier") to act as your agent with the relevant customs and tax authorities in the destination country, to clear your merchandise, process and remit your actual Import Fees for such item.

If you refuse a shipment from us, you are responsible for the original shipping charges, any Import Fees that are incurred on the package, and the cost of returning the package to Talia's Jewels. This amount will be deducted from your merchandise refund. Please email for any further questions.


Q: Will I be charged a sales tax?

A: Sales tax is only collected on orders shipped within the USA depending on the county’s specific tax amount. International orders are not charged a sales tax.


Q: How should I care for my jewelry pieces?

A: Jewelry is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. Some tips include:

  • Take off your jewelry before your daily rituals such as: showering, lotion, perfume, exercise, washing dishes, etc.
  • Before bedtime, lay your jewelry out flat to avoid tangling/scratching.
  • For necklaces, clasp the necklace when removing it to assure the chain does not tangle or knot.
  • To fully remove tarnish and any stains on your silver or plated jewelry, we recommend using any anti-tarnish silver polish that can be found at your local supermarket or drugstore. Some brands that we have found to be effective include Tarn-X and Hagerty. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and to always wear gloves when working with silver polish.
  • To clean your diamond jewelry, use a soft toothbrush with dish soap and gently scrub the gold and diamonds.


Q: How do discount codes work?

A: Discounts can be applied to your order during checkout using any given Discount Code that was given to you. We cannot retroactively apply a discount code to an order placed before the Discount Code became valid.  We cannot add the Discount Code to an order where you forgot to enter the code.


Q: How long will it take to receive my package?

A: Every item has a different processing time, specified at the bottom of the product description on the product pages. Once an item ships, it should arrive in 3-5 business days. Please email for rush delivery.  **Please note that if you've ordered multiple items, we batch them together as one shipment, unless otherwise instructed; you can simply write under order comments “may ship separately”.


QWhat is your repair policy?

A: We will repair at no charge any breakage caused by manufacturer defect within 120 days of purchase for 14K, 18K, and platinum pieces within 30 days of receipt of purchase. Repairs needed after these timelines or deemed to be caused by misuse will incur a repair charge at the customer’s expense, beginning at $30 (plus any applicable shipping fees). Please let us know in advance if you plan to send a repair by sending an email with the name and order number of the original purchase.  When shipping repairs, please be sure to include your name, phone #, and desired return address where someone will be available to sign for the package upon receipt.


Q: I am purchasing a gift. I would like to write a gift note to include with the gift. How do I do so?

A: You're in luck! All of our items comes wrapped in a beautiful box with a hand written gift note from Talia herself! It is the perfect box that you would want to gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even to gift yourself! Please email us to specify that this is a gift and you would like a blank gift note to be included!


Q: Is a Rush Option Available?

A: Some of our styles can be rushed, others cannot. If you are interested in placing a rush order, please email us at with the order information and request about processing time and rushing the order, along with the date you would like to receive it. We will let you know right away if a rush option and overnight shipping is available for that specific style. If you have already placed your order, please be sure to include the order number in the email (found in the confirmation email you received).